I Am Vegend is the food blog of Genna Mazor, whose devotion to plant-based, whole food meals and baked-with-love goodies makes for a very full plate. She lives with her boyfriend of nearly three years, a chef-level omnivore whose specialties include roast chicken, meat sauce, and brisket. His forays into vegetarian meals and cooking inspired their Instagram handle, @iamvegend, and this blog.

Genna is a person full of pleasant contradictions: she uses a Maison Kayser Boulangerie tote as her gym bag, follows bakers and plant-based diet enthusiasts on Instagram (because balance), and is constantly pulled between wanting to check everything off her to-do list and just sitting in a comfy chair. She is invigorated and terrified by the prospect of this blog being a success; she’s a city dweller who loves peace and quiet; and a baking fiend with a (short) arms-length relationship with sugar.

Most of all, she is a person who loves the creative nature of cooking and baking, respects the healing powers of food, and is finally, after so many months (years!) of hearing it, heeding the siren call of self-determination.