Yes, You Do It Too

Oh, man. What a ride. I sat down to write this post several days after it was “due.” I have, of course, been putting it off for days, finding other activities (and non-activities) to fill my time instead of following through on what I’m supposed to be doing.

I had been meaning to share a word with you that would give a name to that thing you’re undoubtedly already doing. It’s the perfect descriptor of the thing you know so well, the word that would help you band together with your fellow humans who do the exact same thing.


It’s the act of eating instead of doing whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing.

But here’s the rub. Despite my eureka moment nearly 10 years ago, the internet got to spreading the gospel on this one first. Now, the word’s just a Google search away and the concept pops up on Wiktionary, in Shape magazine, and on And though I’m fairly certain that I registered a Tumblr account for the name nearly 8 years ago, I no longer own it. Plus, I never could figure out Tumblr.

A search through my email yielded the Tumblr registration but no trace of the page name. A quick look at proves that I either registered something different entirely or, at some point, gave up the name. A little bit more digging in the annals of my email and voila: maybe I came up with an even MORE perfect word for my particular style of procrastination.


Yup, there it is. The art of finding something to bake and/or knead while you should totally, definitely be doing something else.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like the internet has caught on yet, despite the oodles of food bloggers and bakers in the world.

So get to it. Get to procrasti-kneading with your favorite recipe or with something brand spanking new. At the outset, you may feel that gentle tug that says, “You should be doing something else…” but when those hot chocolate chip cookies or molten brownies come out of the oven, you’ll realize it was the best decision you’ve made all day.

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